The bow and stern of the ship.

Olifantus 03

The Olifantus inside the Port of L.S. Boathouse

The Olifantus is a diesel-electric tugboat found on Elysian Island in Los Santos. Situated in a dry dock, the boat features a hawser, capstans, tire fenders, "H" bits, lifebuoys and a navigation light. 


  • A letter scrap can be found in front of the wheelhouse window.
  • Oddly, a shipwreck of a tugboat in the Pacific Ocean is also named the Olifantus.
  • There is another tugboat docked inside the Port of Los Santos boathouse. It is also named Olifantus.
  • Its name may be based on the Oliphant, giant elephants in the Lord of the Rings, also named Mumakil.
  • Its name could come from the Dutch word "Olifant" which means elephant.

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