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"Hey, I got a list with six names on it. How about I do you a favor and cross your name off it? Then you can take out the other names as a thank you. Sounds like a great deal, no? Get to it."

On the List is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It is available for 1-4 players.


Martin has a list on five targets he wants the players to assassinate for him. At the start of the mission, only four will appear on the map, which the team has ten real-time minutes to kill, in any order they wish. The target locations are as follows:

Once all four have been killed, Martin will text the players the location of the fifth and final assassination target, which is the Marina in La Puerta. The target is driving away from the Marina in a Jetmax. The players have five real-time minutes from when the last target was killed. Once this target is killed, the mission is complete.


  • This mission becomes easier with the more players in a team, as they can go to different targets, thus saving time.
  • It is recommended that the team kill the target in Chamberlain Hills last, as that is closest to the Marina, and the team will always have five minutes to kill the final target.
  • The fifth target will spawn at the beginning of the mission and can be killed at any time. However, if the final target is killed early, the mission will end in failure once the original four are killed.
  • If accurate and quick enough, the players can use a Sniper Rifle to kill the final target from the Vespucci Helipad, thus saving a potential boat chase.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - On the List Hard Difficulty04:29

GTA Online - Mission - On the List Hard Difficulty



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