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Opening Mission 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 6, Rasta Blasta, given to the Protagonist by Samuel Deever. It begins as soon as the level starts.


The mission begins with Deever telling the protagonist that a red Itali GTB that belongs to one of the Rastas is currently parked in northwest Richman Heights. After stealing it, the protagonist will have 2 minutes in order to get to the nearest bomb shop (southeast Richman Heights) and get a bomb fitted to it. Once the bomb has been fitted, the protagonist will quickly need to return it to where they found it. The owner will leave the building and be immediately killed as he gets back in the car and it explodes.

After this attack against the Rastas, Deever will inform the protagonist that he wants them to go to the payphone in central Greek Heights. He will then tell the protagonist that he thinks they picked up a tail and in order to make sure, he wants them to go to the payphone behind the police station in south Miramire. Deever tells the protagonist that it looks like the Rastas have finally given up and want to meet, so he tells them to get to the payphone in central Vice Beach. Once there, Deever tells the protagonist that he wants them to let him know what the Rastas have said immediately after the meeting; Brother Marcus will then show up and tell the protagonist that they do not have to keep working for Babylon. He gives them a choice: if they want to keep working for Babylon then leave the park to the left, if they want to join forces with the Rastas leave to the right.

If the player chooses to keep working for Deever they will be told by him to go and destroy a Limousine containing drugs from Cuba; doing so will cause Brother Marcus to contact them again saying they just killed Deever's wife and it will be safer working for him. If the player chooses to join forces with Marcus then he will welcome the protagonist to the Rastas and inform them of more work at the three groups of payphones.


The player will be awarded 80,000 points and a +1 score multiplier if they complete the opening mission and join forces with the Rastas.

Video Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 2 - Opening Mission06:28

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 2 - Opening Mission