Opera with Morgan Merryweather is an article written for the Liberty Tree newspaper by Morgan Merryweather in July 2001.


Summer is well and truly upon us, my darlings, and in summer, a young man's thoughts turn to Bangkok, and the delights of the Pat Pong district.

If, however, you are stuck in this un-sophisticated backwater, then it must turn to opera. Not Bayreuth and not Glyndebourne, but not half bad, I can promise you. This season's offerings are nothing short of magnificent. If you like power, there's the untimely aggression of Wagner! If you like the common touch, there's Mozart, and if you like a little Italian, there's Puccini in the park. (Puccini was in fact a very little Italian. New archeological research reveals he was 3 foot 2. But what a man. A marvel. Magnificent. Maestro... please!) And if you like philistine pursuits, there's a revival of Cats! It gave me kittens. When will these people learn! Culture, please! Pour moi!

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