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Operation Northwood

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Operation Northwood is a Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston.


After the cutscene, get a fast car; conveniently, someone will always park a Banshee outside the apartment. Drive the car to the Bomb Garage in North Holland and drive in to execute a touchscreen mini-game in which you arm the car with a bomb. Drive to the new GPS destination to wait for the dealer.

The dealer hops into a car of his own and starts driving recklessly around Algonquin. Chase after him but don't worry about trying to bash him. Don't get to close, as he will shoot you. If he gets off the top of your screen, take note of the tire marks he seems to leave behind everywhere he goes so that you can easily track his turns.

The dealer will eventually come to a stop at his warehouse in Northwood. Drive your bomb-equipped car to the waypoint marked between a couple of gas tanks and then exit the car. Put some distance between you and the explosives before setting off the bomb, completing the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get a fast car so you can follow the dealer
  • There's a garage nearby where you can get a bomb fitted. Take the car there
  • Connect the bomb to the battery and starter motor
  • Stake out Heston's dealer at the bar
  • He's getting away. Don't lose him
  • Park outside the dealer's hideout before IAD arrives
  • Get a safe distance away


You earn $200 from this mission and unlock the mission Torpedo Run.


Mission Replay description

"Heston's dealer was going to sell him out to IAD.

I chased him down and removed him, and the evidence he had against Heston."

Video Walkthroughs

Operation Northwood
GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 40 - Operation Northwood05:20

GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 40 - Operation Northwood

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