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* Can be seen driving on [[Castle Gardens]], or in [[Middle Park West]].
* Can be seen driving on [[Castle Gardens]], or in [[Middle Park West]].
=== Grand Theft Auto V ===
=== GTA V ===
* Can be bought for [[Money|$]]80,000 from [[]].
* Can be bought for [[Money|$]]80,000 from [[]].

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You may be looking for the Oracle 2, a vehicle with a similar name debuting in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Übermacht Oracle XS (dubbed simply Oracle when entered) is a four-door luxury sedan in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.



The Oracle is a four-door sedan which inherits the general design and role previously filled by the Sentinel in the
File:Oracle badges.png
HD Universe (the GTA IV Sentinel is redesigned as a two-door sport luxury coupe). The Oracle resembles the BMW E65 7 Series (2002-2008), particularly the pre-facelift models (2002-2005). The only noticeable differences are inverted front indicators, a slightly different taillight design, and the lack of BMW's traditional (and trademarked) kidney-shaped grilles. The grille resembles that of a second-generation Lexus LS, one of the competitors to the BMW 7 Series in the full-size luxury segment.

There is a slightly modified variant of the Oracle which is based on the Alpina B7 are driven by members of the Irish Mob. It is painted dark green with front and rear bumper kits and a sport mesh grill, and its badge markings are removed. This variant is often seen in Steinway, Dukes.

In GTA V, the Oracle returns and the design is exactly the same as it's counterpart in GTA IV.


The Oracle is powered by a V8 (meaning it is based on either a 735i or 745i, the both of them also powered by a V8) Most likely a 745i. Thus it is able to achieve a decent high speed of 166 mph (269 km/h) with satisfactory acceleration. Its handling is superb for a car of its size, and it is durable, owing to its luxury construction. The steering is relatively lifeless however, it can feel a little disconnected from the road. The soft suspension means that the car is comfortable on all surfaces. ABS is avaliable yet interestingly not standard, which is odd considering it is a luxury car.The McReary Mob variant can reach up to a high top speed of 196 mph (315 km/h) due to the addition of a supercharger which the speed is nearly overtaking the Cognoscenti




Advertisement for the Oracle commonly seen on billboards around the city.

  • The default radio stations for the Oracle are:
  • An Oracle billboard advertisement parodying BMW's advertisement style is seen on billboards around the city, including one in Star Junction.
  • "Automatic Arrogance" is likely a reference to the arrogance that BMW (Ubermacht's real life counterpart) drivers may feel driving such a car, owing to its prestige and cost.
  • "Automatic" could be a reference to the only transmission choice for a BMW 7 Series, in contrast to other BMW vehicles that have manual transmissions available, as the E65 was the first iteration of the 7 Series not to offer a manual.
  • Interestingly, the Oracle in the billboard adverts does not feature any logo on the bonnet.
  • The Oracle's name could be a reference to the BMW Oracle Racing team, as Übermacht, based on BMW, manufactures the Oracle. It may also be a slight poke at the Sentinel that it replaces, as a sentinel and an oracle are both things that deal with observing or watching.
  • In GTA IV, the Oracle shares the same rim design as the Super Diamond. Coincidentally, BMW, which is parodied in game as "Ubermacht", is the parent company of Rolls-Royce in real life. In fact, during the first stages of designing the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the shell of the E65 BMW 7 Series was used as a design guide, so in a way the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a larger and more luxurious platform mate to the BMW 7 Series.
  • XS probably is meant to sound like the word "excess", meaning the car is a luxury buy that is not needed, just desired.
  • Despite being a luxurious car, the Oracle doesn't feature voiced GPS.
  • In GTA IV, the Schafter and Oracle are competitors like BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes Benz S-Class will compete with each other in real life.


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