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Orang-O-Tang is a fictional beverage featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


Orang-O-Tang is most likely an orange soda, similar to how a fellow beverage, Sprunk, is considered a lemon-lime one. It is most prominently featured as the can of drink which the player obtains from a vending machine in GTA IV; instead of a can of Sprunk or eCola as their respectable vending machines would imply, the player retrieves a can of Orang-O-Tang and drinks from it, before discarding the empty can onto the ground.

In GTA V, Orang-O-Tang can be found inside 24/7 and Limited Service.


In a similar vein to Munky Juice in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the drink is named with a primate-related pun, this time referencing both the orangutan's name and a "tang" (which refers to something of a sour, acidic or citrous taste). The name is also a reference to two real-life orange drinks: the American-made Tang and the British-made Tango.


It is most likely based on either the soft drink Fanta or Tango.


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