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Ortega is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Ortega is the possible leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas and lives in a riverside trailer which hangs a few feet across away from the Zancudo River. His power extends throughout, as he and his gang own Blaine County and a small section of northern Rancho.

After Trevor Phillips launches a war between himself and The Lost MC by killing their leader, Johnny Klebitz, as well as a few high ranking members, Trevor decides to put an end to the Aztecas as well. Trevor, along with a reluctant Ron, drives to Ortega's trailer. After Ron's failed attempts to convince Trevor from messing with the Aztecas, Trevor rams his Bodhi into Ortega's trailer and pushes it into the Zancudo River. Ortega, shocked by Trevor's actions, emerges from the water as Trevor must either kill Ortega or spare him.

If Ortega was spared, he will reappear during Trevor Philips Industries, looking revenge of Trevor by assaulting his Meth Lab while Trevor was showing his production to Tao Cheng and his translator. After Trevor and Chef massacre various Aztecas members, Ortega shows up with his last men and goes through the front to confront Trevor. However, he ends up getting killed along with his men.

Mission appearances


  • Ortega is the third character that you can spare and later kill him, the other two being Clarence Little and Brian Jeremy, however he is the only one you kill in two different missions than a random encounter.
  • It is unclear whether Ortega was the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas or if he was simply a high-ranking henchman, working for them. However, the way Ron Jakowski reacts to Trevor's decision to attack Ortega and trying to dissuade Trevor from doing it, while telling him that Ortega owns the whole of Blaine County and that he has tolerated Trevor so far, suggests that Ortega was the leader of the Aztecas.

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