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[[File:250px-Owl_Creek_Ave.jpg|thumb|Owl Creek Avenue.]]
#REDIRECT [[Owl Creek Avenue]]
'''Owl Creek Avenue''' is a street in [[Alderney]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. The street itself is short, starting on [[Big Horn Drive]] and heads east and stops along [[Sacramento Ave]], where the [[Burger Shot]] is. The street is not used in any mission, however, a [[Turismo]] for [[Stevie|Stevie's]] [[Stevie's Car Thefts|Car Thefts]] can be found in the driveway of one of the three mansions in the street. The mansion in the middle has a Helipad out back with a [[Maverick]] spawning on it. The name of the street is named the [ mountain range] in western USA, as there is no actual ''Owl Creek'' in the game itself. The celebrities [[Cloe Parker]], heiress [[Jill Von Crastenburg]] and [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City ]]Mayor [[Bryce Dawkins]] all reside on this street.
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