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An oyster.

Oysters are animals and a form of collectible in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


There is a total of fifty oysters dotted across the state of San Andreas, which are found in bodies of water. Most oysters require the player to dive underwater while a number of them can be found in shallow pools or lakes.


Oyster at Easter Basin

A quick way to get to oysters is using a Sea Sparrow, Leviathan or Skimmer, although a speedboat is recommended to safely obtain the oysters near the Easter Basin Naval Station and save at Toreno's Ranch or the Fort Carson Safehouse, or during the mission Vertical Bird as the wanted level is disabled. While collecting them, the player's lung capacity improves and makes it easier to collect oysters deeper in the water without losing health or risking death.


Collecting all fifty is required for 100% Completion and the rewards for this are $100 for every single oyster found, Carl's lung capacity increases to maximum and his girlfriends react as if he always has full sex appeal. However, normal women are not affected by collecting all oysters and react to his current sex appeal like normal. In addition, if a girlfriend dumps you during the game, collecting all fifty oysters will allow you to date her again, whereas normally this is not possible. Girlfriends can be refound in their original spawn locations.



Oysters' locations

Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas - 50 Oysters Guide (Complete)18:03

GTA San Andreas - 50 Oysters Guide (Complete)


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