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P’s & Q’s is a consumable candy from Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


P’s & Q’s is produced by Candybox, and is based on the real-life M & M’s. In GTA V and GTA Online, the player may consume these to get a small health boost. You can find the P’s & Q’s at all 24/7 stores as well as all liquor stores, and they only cost one dollar but will give less of a health boost as more expensive products. Little is known about P’s & Q’s, but in game advertisements on websites describe them as tiny chocolate pastilles that come in a square box.


  • P’s & Q’s is known as "mind your own business" when someone is invading someone's life.
  • The company has several advertisements found in various Subway stations in GTA IV.
  • Consuming P's & Q's when not in cover would take up time, thus leaving players vulnerable to become attacked, but staying behind cover while eating P's & Q's repeatedly can help speed up the process.

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