P.M.R. was mainly a 90s alternative rock/metal, britpop, post-grunge, and indie rock radio station meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto V, but was replaced by Vinewood Boulevard Radio before the game's release.


The game files suggest that P.M.R. was included in the game until relatively close to the final development, as the P.M.R logo for use in the radio wheel still exists within the files, and the folder storing the songs for Vinewood Boulevard Radio still includes references to this station. P.M.R. was a rock station with a playlist including music varying between alternative rock, Britpop, alternative metal, post-grunge, and indie rock.


The playlist of this radio can be heard here.


  • The beta radio wheel for P.M.R resembled the Nine Inch Nails logo, sharing the rectangular box design with the letters inside of it and the last letter flipped, in which in this case is the letter "R".
  • P.M.R could potentially have been a successor to Radio X from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which also played alternative rock and grunge.

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