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The Precision Immobilisation Technique (also known as the PIT Maneuver) is a pursuit tactic employed by law enforcement officials to end high speed chases with minimal damage to police equipment.


The acronym PIT has many interpretations, including Pursuit Intervention Technique, Precision Intervention Tactic, and Parallel Immobilization Technique. The PIT maneuver appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as one of the tests in the driving school, and as a required technique during the mission Zeroing In.


The technique involves approaching a vehicle from behind and moving up along the rear quarter until your car's front end is abreast the target vehicle's rear axle. At this point, you must carefully shove the rear fender of the other vehicle in an attempt to cause its rear tires to lose traction. Once traction is lost, you must then brake and turn right to keep contact with the rear fender to sustain momentum and control. Managing acceleration/braking and steering are key at this point. When done properly, braking, then accelerating carefully into the rear fender of the fishtailing vehicle will cause it to make a complete 180 degree turn and to lose all momentum in its original direction, allowing officers to attempt surrounding the recipient, effectively ending the chase. This method can be observed by either waiting for chases to randomly happen, or to turn on the Aggressive Driving cheat. This technique does not work for police who are trying to PIT the player, as the player's car won't easily spin out.


Uses in other games

  • This technique of grounding 'target' vehicles is extremely popular and common in other racing games, such as the Burnout series, where the player can frequently assume the role of cops taking down target criminals. To effectively end the chase as soon as possible, the player can either
    • Accelerate to breakneck speed and then ram the target from behind hoping to shove their vehicle off the road,
    • or shoot a wheelie and overtake the quarry, constantly hitting their brakes when they are ahead of the target and trying to constantly block them from advancing any further.