P Hat Liquor is a liquor store featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The first location is in Blueberry, Red County. The store is robbed by bandits during the mission Local Liquor Store, however CJ and Catalina had intended to rob it first, and chase the bandits, who are riding on Quadbikes.

The interior of the store is accessible to the player, although the interior is technically an exterior; as there is no cutscene when entering it (the doorway is always open), and it is not part of the Hidden Interiors Universe. A clerk is seen during Local Liquor Store, but does not appear at any other time.

A large sign is located on top of the building, pointing towards the store's entrance. The interior can be seen from the outside.

Another P Hat Liquor location is in Angel Pine, however it is not accessible to the player.

There is a third store in Fort Carson, located next to (or possibly inside) a 24-7.



  • It is possible the name of the store is "Top Hat Liquor", given the top hat icon and missing space on the sign.