"Hijack a Merryweather convoy in Blaine County to get thermal charges to use on the security doors at the Pacific Standard"
— Instructions

Convoy is the fourth heist setup for the Pacific Standard in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The players are tasked with hijacking a Merryweather convoy to steal thermal charges.

Go to the bridge crossing the river in the Raton Canyon. Once there, it is advised to 'build' a roadblock with their vehicles to block the convoy and place some Sticky Bombs in the ground to use it once the convoy reach the bridge. It will take about 2 minutes for the convoy to come near the players, when done so, Lester will inform about it approaching them. A Savage will also be following the convoy.

The players can deal with the Savage by shooting at it with an Heavy Sniper before it gets too close.

The players need to hijack the Barracks carrying the thermal charges. It will be escorted by a Mesa and an Insurgent Pick-Up manned by a gunner. The turret gunner is the most lethal threat to the players, so it is advised to take cover and/or snipe him. When attacking the convoy, the players should avoid shooting the Barracks if possible, as well as resisting the use of explosives.

Once all guards are killed, the players can obtain the Barracks and deliver it to a hut in Grapeseed. The Merryweather reinforcements will start arriving once the first player gets in the driver's seat of the Barracks. Many Mesas will chase and fire upon the players, most of them ahead of the Raton Canyon bridge but some also coming from behind the bridge. A couple of Savages will also attack the players with missiles and machine guns (firing bullets instead of the normal explosives). There will also be a roadblock consisting of two Barracks and one Mesa. It is advised for the players in the Insurgent Pick-Up to travel some distance ahead of the thermal charges Barracks in order to protect it, by taking out any threats and absorbing enemy firepower.

Once all Merryweather units are defeated, the players must deliver the truck to Paige Harris at the drop off.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the ambush point
  • Wait for the convoy
  • Hijack the truck
  • Escape Merryweather
  • Deliver the truck to the drop-off
  • Help deliver the truck to the drop-off (only if not collected).


  • Rarely, once the players secure the truck, no ground Merryweather reinforcements will come after them, making the mission much easier, however, air units will still be called out as per usual (though occasionally they fail to arrive to the scene).
  • Rarely, when the first NPC Savage arrives, it will fire constant explosive rounds as opposed to its intermittent explosive rounds. It is advised that the player shoots down the Savage with a sniper rifle before it reaches the player, as it causes massive damage when it fires (PS3/Xbox 360 confirmed).
  • Rarely, the NPC Savages will not immediately move from their spawn points, and will instead hover in place for an indeterminate amount of time before finally advancing. This glitch can make it difficult to deal with the Savages, as they may arrive at any time.
  • (PS4, Xbox One & PC) Rarely, the Merryweather convoy will not move from its initial spawn point after all players arrive at the ambush point unless it spots one of the players, necessitating one or more of the players to drive to the spawn point to either kill the mercenaries there or lure them to the ambush point



GTA Online Heist 5 - The Pacific Standard Job - Convoy (Criminal Mastermind)-0

GTA Online Heist 5 - The Pacific Standard Job - Convoy (Criminal Mastermind)-0


  • This is the only appearance of the Savage in the Heist Update missions, as all other Merryweather air units consist of the Buzzard.
  • During the chase, the Savages will fire intermittent rounds of normal bullets to the standard explosive rounds, instead of just the normal explosives. This was likely done for balancing reasons.
  • Sometimes, the Insurgent Pick-Up will recklessly drive off the road and into the sea or ravine, thus making it very difficult to protect the Barracks from incoming Savage helicopters. To prevent this from happening, a player who is in the role of sniper should take out the Insurgent Pick-Up's driver before the gunner.
  • As there is no time limit and only a finite number of enemies, players can stay put at the bridge and clear out all arriving Merryweather reinforcements before delivering the Barracks to Paige. Although this takes longer, it is a more straightforward way of completing the mission, as the players who would normally be drivers or passengers during the escape can instead be on foot to use their full arsenal. It is advised to park the Barracks in an off-area nearby and then retrieve it once the reinforcements are dealt with.