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Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank

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The Pacific Standard Public Depository Bank is a public deposit bank founded in 1903 located in Vinewood on Vinewood Boulevard, neighboring the Oriental Theater.

Robbing the Bank (Single Player)

The bank can be robbed in Single Player and Online. However robbing it in single player holds some tough moves to execute. The directions are:

Grab a weapon (preferably the Carbine Rifle) run into the bank and fire a shot. All the hostages will immediately get down, before running off. Make sure to block the door on the left before entering. Execute the Higher Jump Cheat. The vault door is locked, and cannot be opened in any way. Jump over the wall where the bank accountants will be seated. Go to the side. The door will easily open. Run downstairs and hit the vault a few times. The vault door will swing open, revealing the massive vault. Walk in. There is no money however, and robbing it in single player is quite useless.

Robbing the Bank (Grand Theft Auto Online)

It is not possible to rob the bank in Grand Theft Auto Online.



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