Packie's unnamed accomplice is a character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


The character is a Mexican-American male with a goatee and a bald head. Possibly a Hispanic street gang member.

Events of GTA V

He appears in a Random Event alongside Packie, robbing the Dollar Pills drug store in Strawberry.

The player can choose to aid the two robbers by providing a 4-door getaway vehicle or they can assist the shopkeeper and kill Packie and his accomplice. He complains to Patrick about the fact he never brought along a getaway vehicle to make their escape. The latter responds with the excuse that it's because he's from Liberty City.

If the aid option is selected, the player can still kill the accomplice after completing the event when he and Packie get out at the safe point on Dry Dock Street. Killing him does not affect the relationship with Packie as a crew member for future jobs and he drops his share of the robbery takings increasing the profit for the aid option.

Regardless of whether the player kills him or not, he is never seen nor mentioned again in the game.


  • The accomplice does not always have the same character model, and sometimes looks different each time during the Random Event.