"A reminder that some form of transport used to actually be pleasurable, the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway goes from Paleto Forest all the way to the peak of Mount Chiliad"
―GTA V Manual

The Pala Springs Aerial Tramway and Skyview Pala Springs Cafébar, also known as the Cable Car is a business in Grand Theft Auto V.


The tramway is located in Pala Springs at the intersection of Route 1 and Procopio Promenade.

The business consists of a large tramway terminal building with an attached café and bar and a smaller outbuilding with mountain bikes for hire.

At the other end of the tramway, there is another large terminal building at the summit of Mount Chiliad, however this is unmarked.

The café and mountain bike hire are not accessible to the player (although the player can find parked mountain bikes to steal).

The cable car vehicle itself operates similar to the trams in Los Santos. The player is able to enter the cable car at any time, however they need to pay a $10 one-way fare. The player can enter the vehicle and walk around the capsule while it is parked in the terminal without paying a fare, but it won't leave the terminal while a player is inside unless the fare has been paid.

The capsules will wait at the station for 30 seconds (real time) before departing if the player is not inside the vehicle. If the player has paid the fare, the tram will depart immediately.

The trip takes 2:30 each way.

Cars will arrive on alternate sides of the platform every 3 minutes approximately (real time).

Pedestrians can be found inside the terminal building during daylight hours, apparently waiting for trams, but they will not enter and ride.

Bicycles and motorcycles can also be taken on the tram by parking them inside before paying the fare.



  • The aerial tramway is most likely based on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, famous for being the largest rotating tramway in the world.

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