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Paleto Bay is a small town featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Paleto is located on the lush north coast of Blaine County. The town could be based on real-life Santa Barbara, California.


At the base of massive Mount Chilliad, Paleto Bay is a coast side town that hosts a chicken festival, which is sponsored by Cluckin' Bell and has a Los Santos County Sheriff office. The dense vegetation that grows around the area is a vast contrast that of Sandy Shores's. The town is a good resting stop for players traveling around Blaine County. Paleto Bay, also, seems a good spot to parachute down from Mt. Chilliad.


Paleto Bay LSCS Office.

Events of GTA V

A heist occurs in Paleto Bay in the mission The Paleto Score.

The Hen House dive bar can be purchased by the player for $80,000 providing income and possibly triggering asset missions.




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