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"Church, bank, gun store, bar... what more do you need to enjoy life in rural America?"
— GTA V digital manual.

Paleto Bay is a small town featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Paleto is located on the lush north coast of Blaine County.


At the base of massive Mount Chilliad, Paleto Bay is a coast side town that hosts a chicken festival, which is sponsored by Cluckin' Bell. The town also has a Los Santos County Sheriff office. The dense vegetation that grows around the area is a vast contrast that of Sandy Shores'. The town is a good resting stop for players travelling around Blaine County. Paleto Bay also seems a good spot to parachute down from Mt. Chilliad.


Paleto Bay LSCS Office.

Events of GTA V

Purchasable Properties


Paleto Bay is mostly based on the city of Fillmore, California.

Roads and Streets


Places of interest


  • Ammu-Nation
  • The Bay Bar
  • Bay Hardware
  • Beeker's Garage & Parts
  • Belinda Mays Beauty Salon
  • Blaine County Savings Bank
  • Checkout! Discount Store
  • The Chrome Dome Burgerfahrzeug Repairs
  • Cluckin' Bell Farms
  • Don's Country Store
  • Dream View Motel
  • Famous Hamburgers
  • Golden Buns Bakery
  • Helmut's European Autos
  • The Hen House
  • Herr Kutz Barber
  • J's Bonds
  • Jetsam
  • Mojito Inn
  • Morris & Sons Feed and Supplies
  • No Marks Cleaners
  • Paleto Bay Financial Services Inc.
  • Paleto Pets and Veterinary Services
  • Peckerwood College Style
  • Pop's Pills
  • Post Op
  • Ray's Electronics
  • RON Station
  • Sally's Surf Shop
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Willies Supermarket
  • Wilson Hatcheries
  • Xero Gas



  • Paleto has similarities with other GTA San Andreas towns, such as Angel Pine for proximity to Mount Chiliad and Bayside for being the most upper northwest location on the map.
  • Paleto is a Spanish slang word for redneck.
  • After The Paleto Score, the apartment complex destroyed in the escape remains damaged and on fire.

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