Fire Station Paleto Bay

The Paleto Bay fire station

The Paleto Bay Fire Station is a Los Santos Fire Department fire station in the town of Paleto Bay in Blaine County, San Andreas.


Located on Paleto Boulevard by the Sheriff's Department, Blaine County Fire Station 1 pressumibly serves Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas. There is a firetruck usually parked out front, and a group firemen hanging out by the front door. At the back is a tower used for training where a Spaceship part may be found. The station is with a pitched roof like most Southern California fire stations.


  • By the front door, it reads "Blaine County Fire Station 1." Clearly, there is a Blaine County Fire Department that also is part of the LSFD.
  • This is one of three stations in the state (the other two being Rockford Hills and Los Santos International Airport) that cannot be accessed by any possible means.
  • The fire station at Blaine County is the biggest rural fire station in the state of San Andreas.