The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office is located on Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay in Grand Theft Auto V.


The building consists of a large rectangular building with a smaller second story. A communications array antenna is on the roof on the west side. On the east side, a second attached brick building with barred windows houses the County Jail. There is a car park in front and behind the building where Ambulances and Police Cruisers (Sheriff Cruiser and LSPD Police Cruiser) may spawn. Occasionally, a Park Ranger can spawn here too. A helipad is located behind the buildings.

To the west of the building is a sign which reads: "The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office has successfully managed 35 days without a narcotics arrest: Good work team!"

There are newspaper racks for the Los Santos Meteor and LC24 at the front of the station.

If the player steals a Sheriff Cruiser, a wanted level will be applied and Deputy Kirkman and Deputy Grimes who usually spawn at the rear of the building will give chase on foot.


Grand Theft Auto V

  • Sheriff Cruiser - parked in the parking lot outside the station.
  • Police Cruiser - (rare) parked in the parking lot outside the station.
  • Ambulance - parked in the parking lot outside the station.
  • Park Ranger - occasionally parked in the parking lot outside the station.

GTA Online

  • Sheriff Cruiser.
  • Police Riot.
  • A Rank-dependent helicopter can spawn on the helipad.




  • In the beta version of the game, it is possible that it was an accessible building. The interior could still be seen by stepping into the left or right small rectangular windows, next to the front door entrance. The room however is not solid, and if entered, the player would fall through the floor. It could however be seen with a zoomed sniper scope, or the Snapmatic camera, where the interior could be seen, albeit in a very low textured quality. This glitch has since been patched.
    • The fully mapped interior can be obtained by a modification that allows entry into all interiors.

Grand Theft Auto V