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Paleto Score Setup is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips.


Michael and Trevor meet at Trevor's old meth lab in Sandy Shores. They are joined there by the FIB's Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Haines has yet another job for Michael and Trevor, but this one is unusual in that it will require Michael and Trevor to obtain a helicopter costing $3 million. Michael and Trevor do not have the money to finance the caper, so they decide to contact Lester Crest about planning another heist. Lester agrees to meet them in Paleto Bay.

When Lester arrives, the three drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank. They first inspect the front of bank. They then drive around to the side. Lester wants to check the response time of the local police, so has Michael get out of the car and shoot a bell for the bank's alarm system. The three then drive to the nearby filling station to watch the cops arrive, which occurs by Lester's count "67 seconds" later. Their job done, Trevor challenges Michael to a race back to Sandy Shore. At this point, the player can choose whether to control Michael or Trevor: Trevor is more likely to win the race, while choosing Michael allows the player to hear specific dialogue between Michael and Lester. Regardless, once the three reach the meth lab, Lester sets up the board for the heist. The player is able to choose a gunman. After the heist is described, the mission ends.


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