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San Fierro's Palisades district

Palisades Map

Palisades location

Palisades is a high-class residental district of San Fierro, San Andreas. It is an extremely affluent neighborhood situated on the western shore of the city. To the east is Juniper Hill; to the north is Paradiso; to the south is Santa Flora. Palisades has a est. population of 167.

Palisades is influenced by San Francisco's Presidio Heights and Sea Cliff a neighborhood with home situated on a cliff next to the presidio. The site of some of the city's finest homes and richest residents, second in affluence only to neighboring Pacific Heights. Similarly, the residents of this district are very wealthy and somewhat pretentious. Expensive cars and limousines can frequently be seen driving its streets, and pedestrians are often very well dressed. The one eyesore in this lush, rolling area is the Tuff Nut Donuts building at the very southeast corner of the neighborhood, with a garishly large plaster doughnut perched on its roof.


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