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Palmer-Taylor Power Station

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Palmer-Taylor Power Station

Entrance to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

The Palmer-Taylor Power Station is power generation and transmission facility in Grand Theft Auto V. It is located in Los Santos County long Senora Way, east of the RON Alternates Wind Farm.



Satellite view of the power station.

Palmer-Taylor Power Station is a massive facility, composed of four generating towers, two other large buildings of indeterminate purpose, and numerous smaller out-buildings, storage tanks, pipelines, a parking lot and other related items. While none of the buildings are player accessible, the generating towers and a few other buildings have extensive stairs, ladders, and catwalks which allow for a great deal of player exploration.

No signage clearly states what kind of fuel the Power Station uses; however, it is likely a natural gas plant. Clues pointing to the use of natural gas include the generating towers, which are very similar in form to real life natural gas power plants, and the ownership of the plant by the Los Santos Department of Green Energy.

Also one of the possible final missions take place here The Time's Come if the player chooses option b (kill Michael), Franklin chases Michael to the station and chases him up one of the silo's until they get to the top. Franklin then pushes Michael off and the player is left with the decision to save or drop Michael. Either way Michael falls to his death and dies instantly once hitting the ground leaving blood all around his head. Franklin calls Lamar and walks away from the factory.

Events in GTA V


  • Armor - inside the train terminal located north of the plant's entrance (see photo)
  • Sniper Rifle - at the top of the northernmost smoke shack.


  • While the plant is filled with signs warning of flamable gas and banning smoking, the plant's employees can still be seen using cigarettes.
  • The name of the plant is probably a reference to the hit 1980s band "The Power Station", with lead singer Robert Palmer, and guitarists John and Andrew Taylor.
  • In GTA Online, if the player was to touch the electric transmitters, they would electricute, shake a bit and lose a small portion of health.

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