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Palomino Creek is a small town appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the northeastern portion of Red County, San Andreas. The town has 6,836 residents, making it the most populated town outside the cities of San Andreas in 1992. It is home to the Palomino Creek Bank (which has experienced numerous robberies), a safehouse that can be bought for $35,000, and Hanky Panky Point, a popular destination for amorous teenage couples and voyeuristic onlookers.

The town is named after the creek that runs past it. Palomino Creek's location midway between Los Santos and Las Venturas makes it a frequent stop for travellers making their way to either city. It's ideal location and the fact that it is serviced by several major roads have no doubt led to its growth and success.


Palomino Creek Map




  • Romero - In the driveway of Drive-Thru Confessions (occasionally)
  • Mower


  • Body Armor - Between a house and a garage in the northeast part of town


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