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Palomino Freeway
Road information
South end: Olympic Freeway
North end: Senora Freeway

The Palomino Freeway (co-signed Interstate 4 and Route 15) is a freeway located in Los Santos County in San Andreas.


The Palomino Freeway begins in Los Santos as an interchange going off the La Puerta Freeway. The freeway leaves Los Santos and runs between the Palomino Highlands and the Tataviam Mountains and ends at a junction with the Los Santos Freeway, where the Senora Freeway continues.


  • The name of the freeway is a clear reference to the Palomino Highlands, an area which the highway runs past.
  • Although on-ramp signs and the official print map designate this freeway as Interstate 4/Route 15, signs along the road are erroneously marked as Interstate 4/Route 13, when Route 13 is actually the designation of the Los Santos and Senora Freeways. This was most likely a developer's mistake.

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