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"A Reporter has been nosing around. Maria and I have taken a little holiday together until you can get rid of this perverted voyeur. He's probably out in the bay as you read this. Steal a police boat, and sink his career."
Asuka Kasen

Paparazzi Purge is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from her condominium located in the Newport district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude drops by Asuka's condo and finds out that she and Maria have taken a little holiday together and Claude finds a letter left by Asuka saying that a reporter has been into Yakuza's business for too long and Asuka has decided to take a little holiday elsewhere in the city while the reporter is found just at the sea nearby. Claude steals a police boat and starts chasing the target as well as attacking him with the Predator's machine guns. After a chase around the quiet waters of the city, he manages to blow up the boat, killing the reporter within.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Steal the police boat
  • Take out the reporter and destroy his boat


The reward for passing this mission is $10,000 and the mission Payday For Ray becomes available.


Video walkthroughs

iPad Version
GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Paparazzi Purge04:55

GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Paparazzi Purge

PC Version
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Paparazzi Purge (HD)01:46

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Paparazzi Purge (HD)


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