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"We get one picture of her hairy legs, or her aging muff and we are in the money, man!"

Paparazzo is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Beverly Felton to protagonist Franklin Clinton. The player must complete the first towing mission for Tonya to unlock the paparazzo mission.


Franklin meets a paparazzi named Beverly hiding in the middle of some bushes in West Vinewood. Beverly at first mistakes Franklin with PG Jackson and take some photos of him. When Beverly realise his mistake, he asks for Franklin's help to take some pictures of the actress Miranda Cowan using drugs in her Stretch. Franklin reluctantly agrees to help Beverly when he offers to pay Franklin for his work. Miranda will exit the building nearby in her limousine and the chase will begins. The player needs to drive very close to the limo so Beverly can be able to snap some photos of the actress. After some time, a rival paparazzi will appear, Beverly will ask Franklin to chase the paparazzi and drive nearly him so he can hit the paparazzi off the bike. After the rival has been knock out, drive Beverly to the new destination and the mission will be complete.

Mission Objectives

  • Chase Miranda and take some photos of her
  • Take out the rival paparazzi

Gold Medal Requirements

  • Smack Down:  Ensure Beverly takes out his rival on the 1st attempt.
  • Picture Perfect:  Help Beverly snap and inspect 3 photographs.

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