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Paparazzo - The Highness

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Paparazzo - The Highness is a Strangers and Freaks mission given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Beverly Felton.


The player as Franklin enters the marked area in Mirror Park. Franklin calls Beverly who informs him that British royal Princess Georgina is at the moment purchasing marijuana. Beverly asks Franklin to get a picture of the deal. Franklin meets Beverly's contact at the nearby Chico's Hypermarket. The contact informs Franklin that the drug deal is taking place in the alley behind the market. Additionally, the contact advises Franklin that the princess has heavy security, so Franklin should take the picture from the market's roof.

At this point, the player can approach the mission in a variety of different ways. However, if the player chooses to use the roof as a vantage point, there is a dumpster to left of the front of the market which provides access to the roof. Regardless, Franklin takes the picture, he sends it to Beverly. Once Franklin has left the scene (and lost any potentially unfriendly followers), the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Meet Beverly's contact.
  • Send Beverly a photo of the princess.

Gold Medal Completion

Silent Snapper - Snap the princess without being detected.
Royal Drag - Snap the princess buying the drugs.

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