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You may be looking for Paradise FM, a radio station in GTA Vice City Stories.

The Bravado Paradise is a camper conversion van featured in the free Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto V.


The Paradise is a Rumpo, except it has been converted to a camper van, and features painted artwork on the body.


The Paradise performs quite similar to the Rumpo, being a variant, and like so, it has moderately high speed and only mid-level handling. It can, however, perform a bit better off road than the Rumpo. The Paradise can perform decently if modified in Los Santos Customs.

The large size of the Paradise makes it very useful as moble cover, especally if it is fitted with armor and bulletproof tires. Its size, weight, and resiliance to damage makes up for its slow acceleration. It is best to park it with the right side facing the enemies, so the driver and rear passengers can quickly exit and take cover behind the left side of the vheicle.




  • It is the fourth camper van to be featured in GTA V, the others being the Camper, Journey and Surfer, and the fourth in the whole GTA series, the others being the aforementioned as well as GTA IV's Moonbeam.
  • The Paradise is one out of the only 3 vans in the game which can be modified, the others being the Surfer and Youga, not counting the Bison and the Bobcat.
  • The painted artwork on the body is different for each character. Michael will have a shoreline and tidal wave on his Paradise, Franklin will have an octopus on his, and Trevor will have a lumberjack carrying a barrel, with wood slats painted onto the rear doors. A fourth version (featurig a shark eating seaweed) is only available when ordering the van in GTA Online or respraying it at a mod shop. 


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