Kidnapper: "I'm a king, and Bleeter is my kingdom."
Jimmy: "Okay, umm, that's pretty sad."
―One of the Kidnappers talking to Jimmy during ransom.

Parenting 101 is an optional mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by his son Jimmy.


Michael receives a call from Jimmy, but as soon as Michael answers, he realizes something is wrong. Jimmy is talking to a stranger who is mad at him for trolling on the internet. Jimmy asks if his mysterious captors are taking him up Banham Canyon in a Landstalker just to punish him.

The player can choose whether to assist Jimmy. If the player refuses this mission, Michael will have to pay $10,000 in ransom money. If the player accepts, Michael follows Jimmy's clues to the Landstalker in which Jimmy is being held, all the while listening into a conversation between Jimmy and one of the men holding him; that man is a comedy writer who Jimmy has been stalking on Bleeter. Once Michael locates the Landstalker, he damages it to the point that Jimmy's captors jump from the Landstalker and flee. Michael gets in the Landstalker and drives Jimmy to the Richman Hotel.

Mission Objectives

  • Save Jimmy.
  • Trash the kidnapper's car.
  • Go to the car.
  • Take Jimmy home.


  • To rescue Jimmy keep ramming the car, otherwise you can shoot the car but make sure to not shoot to at any of the passengers because you will fail the mission.
  • Using the sirens of a police vehicle immediately makes them exit the car without causing any form of damage.
  • You can also strike them from the opposite side. You will have to get out of the car, switch your weapon to a heavy sniper rifle, then wait for the kidnappers car to come and use Michael's ability to shoot one bullet at the their door (Most recommendable part to shoot at.) easily and they'll leave the car without you having to chase them.
  • Using a cargobob and a tow truck to lift or tow their car can get them out but this is easier said than done since the costant manuevering of the car make it hard to lift or tow their car but it's still possible.
  • You can also take them out of their car on by blocking them using a bus from the opposite side. When they come, they will try to avoid you, so to block them, move the bus to their direction. After that, get out the bus quickly and get them out of their car.
  • A head on collision with a heavy vehicle like a firetruck will make them exit their car.


Lifeinvader Posts

  • Jimmy De Santa - "I've learned my lesson. No more flaming people online unless it's 100% anonymously."


  • While the final mission objective tells the player to drive Jimmy home, the player is directed to drop Jimmy at The Richman Hotel. As this mission becomes available after Meltdown, the reasonable assumption is that the De Santa family is hiding out at The Richman Hotel after the attack.
  • There is a glitch on this mission that makes the Landstalker invisible. First activate the mission then you call or hitch a taxi then skip and then get into the invisible car.
  • If the player chooses Option B, this mission will be the last on screen appearance of Jimmy.
  • Trolling is an act of deliberately harassing other people or making fun of them, which is also a major problem in multiplayer.
    • Jimmy defines trolling during this mission by describing his own acts of trolling to Michael.
  • Sometimes, the Landstalker will appear in blue or green instead of black.

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