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Park Young-Guk is the father of late Kim Young-Guk. He is also a contact of Derrick McReary, who he entrusted to protect Kim when he came in the country with a load of fake hundred dollar bills. Along with him came Niko Bellic, who also later killed Kim on orders of Jon Gravelli.


  • Park Young-Guk may be based on O Kuk-ryol, a North Korean military general suspected by the US government as a key figure in North Korea's currency counterfeiting activities, it's production of Superdollars and like Kim Young-Guk, involving his son O Se-won in the business. Derrick McReary's relationship with Park Young-Guk's may be further based on alleged business relations between IRA leader Seán Garland and agents of the North Korean government involved in the sale and distribution of Superdollars.
  • Just like most of the Chinese character names in GTA IV/Chinatown Wars, the name Park is incorrectly used as a given name and Young-Guk as a family name. In Korea, family names are written always first, then the given names. Besides, Park is a very popular surname in Korea.


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