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General view of the center.

The Parsons Rehabilitation Center is a substance abuse treatment facility located in Richman GlenLos Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. It is modeled after the real-life Promises Treatment Center of Malibu, California. 


The Center is located in an otherwise undeveloped area along Marlowe Drive. The center's grounds consist of a central housing area, doctors' offices, tennis courts, and a pool. There is also a grassy area for yoga. The grounds are filled with individuals who appear to be patients. There are also numerous indications of ongoing treatment, including an art therapy area and a white board with four steps to recovery.

Pick Ups


  • A white board located on the grounds lists the day's schedule. At 11:20 a.m., the schedule calls for 'Self Loathing' while at 6:00 p.m., the residents will engage in a 'Mass Debate', likely a pun on 'masturbate'.
  • The Parsons' sign lists the center as part of 'Rehabs of America'. The 'Re' of 'Rehabs' has been designed to mimic the 'Rx' prescription symbol.


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