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Pastor Richards is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Pastor Richards was voiced by David Green.[1] David Green, the voice of Pastor Richards, passed away during Vice City's production. He was supposed to have a larger role and be seen more in the game than his brief appearance on Cortez's yacht.




Artwork of Pastor Richards.

Richards is a corrupt and wholly insane televangelist from Mars, Alabama, who's head of the Pastor Richards Salvation Statue Organization, which promises salvation (in the form of a radiation-proof giant living space/effigy of Richards) to all those who pay him very large donations (he later reveals that he was actually planning on using the money to build himself a palace mansion in Hawaii) when a guest on Pressing Issues (VCPR).


By the end of The segment, Pastor Richards snaps, and, disgusted by Barry Stark's nudism, pulls a gun on Stark and shoots him in the genitals, while Jan Brown passes out. Barry survives and "is in need of a proctologist". Pastor Richards also ends up claiming the station as his own for a short while. Pastor Richards was also once invited to a boat party by Juan Cortez, the only time he actually appears.

VCPD Crime Tree Record

  • Maniac firebrand preacher, obsessed with money.
  • Has written several awful books. All completely fabricated. Most given away.
  • Obsessed with degenerates.
  • Has been campaigning to build a large statue in his own image.
  • Has been attempting to bribe officials at NASA for rocket technology.
  • Believed to be embezzling money from the fund for a private mansion in Hawaii.
  • Possible polygamist.
  • Hates people who help others.
  • Fervent anti-communist.
  • Obsessed with nuclear winter.
  • Hateful human being, but menace to society uncertain at present.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City

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