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Paulie's Revue Bar is a bar/strip club located in the Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (set in 1998). The club is a Sindacco Family business and is run by Joseph Daniel O'Toole, who later turns against the Sindacco Family and joins the Leone Family.

At one point, Salvatore Leone raids the club, killing all the Sindacco Family gang members inside. After the player completes the Portland missions in GTA Liberty City Stories, the club becomes Luigi's Sex Club 7.

Some in-game artists are scheduled to perform in the bar, but cannot be watched by the player. These include: Ping Pong Sing Song (May 7, 1998), Keep on Luckin' (June 9, 1998) and Sunshine Shine (July 10, 1998 - cancelled).

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