You might be looking for the parent company Pegasus or its other affiliate operation: the Pegasus Concierge Hotel

Pegasus Lifestyle Management is a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online operated by Pegasus.


It delivers vehicles that Rockstar has determined not suitable for the player garage to the nearest predetermined location. These vehicles can be bought from websites such as Warstock Cache & Carry, DockTease, and Elitás Travel. Delivery of vehicles can be arranged by calling their number in-game. Alternatively, they can also be reached at 328-555-0122. The delivery costs $200 per vehicle.


Vehicles delivered By Pegasus
Aircraft Land vehicles Water vehicles

Delivery Locations

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Various additional delivery locations were added in the Freemode Events Update.

Pegasus Delivery Locations
Air (Fixed-wing aircraft) Map Images
Air (helicopters)

Note: After the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 Update, the Hydra can spawn in these locations as well as the airport locations.



  • Vehicles in Pegasus list are sorted by DLC release date.
  • If the player is a CEO or an Associate after ordering their vehicles, they will never be returned unless if destroyed, even after the player leaves CEO work.


  1. The Cargobob was, through the use of a glitch, able to be purchased and added to the Pegasus roster of vehicles. This has since (as of update 1.11) been patched.