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"This is a declaration of war. The Pegorinos and the Pavanos are hitting the mattresses."
Jimmy Pegorino

The Pegorino-Pavano War was a conflict between the two Italian-American crime families in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The war

Don Jimmy Pegorino looked at the Pavano Family as a way of getting a seat on The Commission, so he organized a sit down with them at an old refinery in southern Alderney, where he took Niko Bellic along to watch over the meet with a sniper rifle after he was recommended to Pegorino by Phil Bell. The sit down was a set up and the Pavanos attempted to whack Don James Pegorino, who was saved by Niko, a shootout took place in the refinery between the two gangs and another group of Pavanos managed to escape in a car with Pegorino's offering, but Niko eliminated them all. Members of the Pegorino crime family Marco Bonnaro and Peter Marchetti were killed during the battle. After this, the Pegorinos and the Pavanos went to the mattresses, and the Pavano Family later suffered for their actions when Pegorino hired Bellic to wipe out one of their crews that was meeting at Auto Eroticar in Alderney City.

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