Pepe in 1986.

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Pepe is the DJ of Radio Espantoso in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He resides in Vice City.

He is voiced by Tony Chiroldes.


Pepe replaces Hector Hernandez as the DJ of the station by 1986. However, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (set in 1984), Hector mentions him, which means Pepe might've been working in the station since then.

He talks almost entirely in Spanish, using a few words in English.

Pepe sounds excited all the time, possibly for drinking a lot of coffee, since he says that he needs to stop drinking too much of it. However, he also claims to hate his job and all the people, as well as saying he wants to kill himself because his wife is fat and doesn't make love to him, that he gets laid with a secretary, and that he doesn't pay his taxes.

After playing Jamay from Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra, he says "El otro día un comemierda italiano grasoso me trató de robar el carro cuando estaba manejando; ¿qué es eso, gente? Seguro que ese tipo no sabía con quién él estaba jugando, ¿ah? Here we go, more music!". This is translated as "In fact, the other day, a shit-eating, greasy Italian man tried to steal my car when I was driving, what's up with that, people? Sure that guy didn't know with whom he was messing with, eh? Here we go, more music!". This implies that it was Tommy Vercetti that tried to carjack him (unsuccessfully, given his later comment), and it would also mean that Pepe is one of the pedestrians around the city.