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Pershing Square

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Pershing Square, Los Santos.

Pershing Square is a one block district in central Los Santos, San Andreas, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Pershing Square consists of a park surrounded by the southern Commerce, with sculptures and a fountain in the middle. The headquarters of the Los Santos Police Department are located on the eastern side of the square. The Los Santos City Hall is also located on the southern side of the square.

The square is based on the same named Pershing Square in Los Angeles.

Oddly the Police Chatter said the area was just simply Los Santos.

Stationary vehicles


  • Dildo - In the showers of the headquarters
  • Nightstick - Inside the police headquarters
  • Shotgun - Inside the police station
  • Pistol - inside the police station



  • The park is probably named after MacArthur Park, as the park is named after General Douglas MacArthur of World War II, while Pershing Square is possibly named for General John Pershing, a World War I general.

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