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#redirect[[The Jewel Store Job]]
|size = 270px
|caption =
|name = Pest Control
|game = V
|for = [[Heists|Protagonists' Wealth]]
|location = Rodeo, [[Los Santos in GTA V Era|Los Santos]]
|unlocks = Other [[Heists]]
|fail = Protagonists' death or arrested.
|reward = Unknown amount of dollars}}
:''This page is about the side mission in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. For the mission in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], see [[Pest Control]].''
'''Pest Control''' is a [[Heists|heist]] side mission in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]'', in which the player has to rob an [[Anna Rex]] jewelry shop.
[[Michael (GTA V)|Michael]], [[Franklin]], and [[Trevor Phillips]] are dressed up as [[Bugstars]] exterminators. Their main objective is to steal a very expensive necklace dating back a few hundreds of years.
*The mission first appeared in a scene in the [[Grand Theft Auto V/Trailer|first trailer]]. It was later depicted in an artwork, almost a year after. It was also the first confirmed mission of ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''.
*In the beta trailer, the gas masks were yellow and covered only the mouth.
*New Red Dead Redemption games are sold with GTA V promotional cards, with an image of the mission occuring.
Michael in Bugstar uniform.jpg|The planning of 'Pest Control'
[[Category:Missions in GTA V]]

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