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Peter Dreyfuss is a stranger and freak character in Grand Theft Auto V.



Dreyfuss was a director in the 1970s that abandoned the movie industry after his movie "Last Will & Testament" became a confusing flop. The audience and critic reaction to the movie left Dreyfuss incandescent with rage and vowing never work again.

During his absence, his legend as a movie director has grow in all directions, with critics calling him an American genius of the 1970s. However, several woman called him a sex offender and a danger to all.

In 1975 he tortured and killed Leonora Johnson. After this he wrote a confession letter to David Richards, stating that he had to kill her for artistic purposes. Richards tore up the letter and scattered them across Los Santos and Blaine County.

It is also revealed in his confession letter that at some point before 1975 he and David Richards paid two hookers in Mexico to stab each other.

Events of GTA V

In a internet news article from Public Liberty Online after the mission The Long Stretch, its revealed that Dreyfuss is returning to the movie industry after rumors that he was meditating in the Himalayas or teaching philosophy in Italy.

After all 50 pieces of the confession letter have been collected, Franklin Clinton visits Dreyfuss' house to confront him about the murder. Dreyfuss attempts to run away, and Franklin can either kill Dreyfuss or let him go.

Mission Appearances



  • His appearance as well as his personality might make him a reference to controversial director Roman Polanski.
  • Dreyfuss was 25 years old when he murdered Leonora Johnson.


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