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The Vapid Peyote is a two-door 1950s vintage luxury coupe featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V.


The chassis mainly resembles a Ford Thunderbird (first generation) but it has double taillights instead of single ones, giving the rear end a similar appearance to Cadillacs from the early '60s (1961, 1963). The headlights are loosely based from a 1966 or 1967 Pontiac GTO with bigger lights and somewhat altered headlight bezels to fit into the styling of the mid-1950s era; there are other vehicles with similar headlights but they still look closer to the Pontiac's.

The Peyote is available in coupe and convertible forms, as well as occasionally appearing with a continental kit (a rear-mounted spare tire), or tiger/zebra skin patterns on the seats and a pair of black fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. The badging on sides read "V10 supercharged", but the engine actually has eight cylinders. The Peyote in GTA Chinatown Wars is permanently depicted as a softtop coupe with a continental kit.



Engine close-up.

The performance of the Peyote is below average in comparison to other cars of similar size in the game, however it tops the top speed leaderboard for the "vintage" class in a multiplayer race. The vehicle has a powerful engine that is able to provide both good acceleration and top speed 166 mph (267 kph). Its long wheelbase and small tires also result in poor cornering and stability, often requiring the aid of the handbrake to make moderately sharp turns. At its top speed the Peyote handles badly but if turned just slightly it will not spin.

ABS is fitted, but instead of the brakes locking up, the car will still slide. Minor use when in motion is acceptable, but attempting to bring the car to a halt can be difficult. When braking downhill (such as exiting off-ramps), the driver learns to stand on the brakes for quite a distance before the desired stopping point.


In Grand Theft Auto V, there are unique modified Peyotes belonging to the Los Santos Vagos, Families, and Ballas gangs. These gang variants feature upgraded performance parts, painted front bumpers, unique grill, cowl hood, fuzzy dice, Los Santos rear display, continental tire holder, curb feelers, and aftermarket rims. The gangs will open fire against the player if he steals one of their cars. If Franklin steals a Families Peyote, Families gangsters will ignore him.


  • "Peyote" is the real-life common name of a North American breed of cactus famous for its powerful psychoactive properties. A badge emblazoned with an image of the peyote cactus is placed on side of the hardtop variant's rear pillars.
  • Despite having two textures of its "V10 supercharged" badge for each side, the text is mistakenly mirrored on one side.
  • If you look closely, there is a Rockstar Games emblem on the zebra seats of some Peyotes.
  • Police radio chatter may occasionally refer the car as a "jalopy" in GTA IV. The same goes for any beater variant of the cars, like Emperor, Vigero etc.
  • After collecting all thirty cars for Stevie, he agrees to purchase cars from Niko Bellic, with the Peyote fetching $2,500.
  • The default radio stations for the Peyote are:
  • The Peyote's engine noise and horn seem to be similar to the Patriot's. In GTA V, its engine noise and possibly horn seem to be similar to the Regina's.
  • Cloe Parker has a unique pink Peyote.
  • This car is never locked when parked obviously because there are no side windows present just like the Feltzer and the Banshee.
  • Some auto parts shops and Pay'n'Sprays have spare front bumpers for Peyote's laying outside or leaning against walls.
  • The Peyote looks similar to a car driven by Al McWhiggin's , the main antagonist of 1999 Walt Disney movie Toy Story 2.
  • Customized Peyotes with zebra coating can be found in gang areas in GTA V.
  • One of the modifications of the Peyote includes a pair of fluffy dice on the mirror, just like the Yardie Lobo from Grand Theft Auto III and the Bickle'76 from Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories, this is the third car in the series to feature a pair of fluffy dice on the mirror.
  • The gang modified Peyote nets the players at least $12,000 in Los Santos Customs, having about the same selling price as the gang modified Tornado in GTA Online.

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