Pfister is a German car manufacturer mentioned in the 3D Universe and featured in the HD Universe.


Pfister is heavily inspired by Porsche AG. The badge is shaped after a shield divided between a red and a gold section, just like Porsche's iconic logo (the latter being based on the Stuttgart coat of arms). The logo font also closely resembles the one formally used by Porsche.

The only Pfister-badged cars seen in the series are the Comet and the later-introduced 811. There are, however, two tuner cars in Chinatown Wars that use modified versions of the Comet as their primary body, the 500 XLR8 and the Style SR, likely referencing the works of manufacturers like RUF or Gemballa which are notorious for only using Porsche chassis as basis for their cars.

Pfister Design posters and articles can be seen in certain stores in GTA V, referencing the Porsche Design Group. A Pfister Design store can be found in Rockford Hills, mirroring the existence of a real-life Porsche Design store in Beverly Hills. The player can purchase Pfister-branded polo-shirts and watches in GTA Online .


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes

The 811 in Grand Theft Auto Online.

811 Hypercar Porsche 918 Added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Comet in Grand Theft Auto V.

Comet Sports car Porsche 996 Carrera S (IV)
Porsche 996 GT2 (V)

The Comet Retro Custom in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Comet Retro Custom Sports tuning car RWB modified Porsche 993
1970s Porsche 911S
Added as part of the continuation of the Import/Export update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Comet-based tuners

Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes
500 XLR8 Sports car Modified Porsche 911
Style SR Sports car Modified Porsche 911


  • 811-GTAO-ad

    Advertisement for the Pfister 811

    "Pfister" is another piece of adult humour by Rockstar, as its pronunciation is similar to "fister", thus alluding to the sexual practice of fisting.
  • In GTA San Andreas, a Hispanic female pedestrian will sometimes ask "Have you ever driven a Pfister?" when in a conversation with a pedestrian. Other pedestrians may also ask "Is that a Pfister?" when complimenting CJ's car. This could mean that the brand was planned to be introduced before GTA IV with the scrapped system of vehicle brands (as seen in carcols.dat).
  • In GTA V, whenever the player buys a pink car from a website, the car will be "Pfister Pink" instead of "Hot Pink".
  • The announcement image for the Pfister 811, presented on the Rockstar Newswire, follows a design pattern often seen in modern Porsche adverts: image over a white background, the slogan in black, the name of the car in smaller grey letters under the slogan, a small description near the image and the logo in the bottom (example).


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