Phil's Place in GTA Vice City.

Phil's Place is an area in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the northwest of Little Haiti, which is messy and surrounded by wooden fences and palings. In 1986, the weapon freak and a so-called Vietnam veteran, Phil Cassidy, lives in an old trailer here.

Several wooden shacks and an old excavator are standing on the property which appears as a scrap yard. Phil's Patriot can be found inside a small hangar. You can find a Hidden Package in the building with low columns in front of the entrance in the northwest corner. In addition, there are boxes, barrels and derelict cars here. Inside Phil's trailer there are several posters including one for Fun Bags a film advertised in Grand Theft Auto III.

After the successful heist in the El Banco Corrupto Grande, Phil gets in touch with Tommy Vercetti, and asks him to help him fight against Mexican gunrunners. As a thank-you, Phil wants to get plastered with Tommy, blows his arm up and gets rescued by Tommy. After that Tommy can stock up on heavy weapons on Phil's property any time, when required:

This area was previously known as The Compound in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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