Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop

Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop is a weapons shop owned by Phil Cassidy in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, located in Bedford Point on Staunton Island, Liberty City, circa 1998.

GTA Liberty City Stories protagonist Toni Cipriani goes here to get a flamethrower, which Donald Love has already paid for, in the mission Friggin' the Riggin'. In this mission, he has to burn some ballot papers and destroy printing machines and vans which are owned by the Forelli Family. Toni later supplies weapons to Phil during the mission More Deadly Than the Male, stealing them from the Yakuza on orders from Toshiko Kasen. In both games, the second floor of the store is the location of a Hidden Package, needed by the player to collect in order to achieve 100%.

The same location in Grand Theft Auto III, set in 2001, lies empty, as Phil Cassidy has moved to a new premise in Rockford, a district in northern Staunton Island, where it is known as Phil's Army Surplus.


Image Name Cost Unlocked After
RocketLauncher-GTAVC Rocket Launcher $9,000 False Idols
Shotgun $1,500 Friggin' the Riggin'
M4-GTAVC M4 $5,400 Friggin' the Riggin'
Flamethrower-GTASA Flamethrower $5,500 Friggin' the Riggin'
Minigun-GTALCS Minigun $10,000 More Deadly Than the Male

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