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*The word [[Bobo]] means "idiot".
*The word [[Bobo]] means "idiot".
*[[Kakagawa]] means "just made".
*[[Kakagawa]] means "just made".
*The car name Presidente in Filipino which means "president".

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Republic of the Philippines
Repúblika ng Pilipinás (Filipino)
Flag of the Philippines.svg
AnthemLupang Hinirang
Official language(s) Filipino (based on Tagalog)

The Philippines is an archipelago country in Southeast Asia, located south of Taiwan and north of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Its official languages are Filipino (also known as Tagalog) and English but its national language is Filipino.

It is mentioned at least twice in the entire GTA series. Filipino words are also referenced.

Grand Theft Auto world

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Lance Vance says "I'm the black killa from Manila". The Manila he is referring to is Manila, the country's capital.


  • Michael Graves, a governatorial candidate, allegedly spent $400,000 of senatorial campaign funds on a vacation home in the Philippines.

In Language (Filipino)

  • If you read Double T like TT, it sounds like the word "titi," which is Filipino for penis.
  • The word Bobo means "idiot".
  • Kakagawa means "just made".
  • The car name Presidente in Filipino which means "president".

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