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Phone 11-Part 1 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 3, Mandarin Mayhem, given to the Protagonist by Uncle Fu. It is available from the third phone in central Market.


The mission starts with the protagonist being told to answer a payphone in west Woodside. Upon answering the phone, the protagonist is informed that Uncle Fu's nephew, No Chin, has raised a drunken rabble in central Aye Valley who bring shame to the family and must be all eliminated. There are a total of six armed men who must be killed to complete the mission. Beware however, that killing them all will result in a maximum wanted level.


The player is awarded 45,000 points and +1 score multiplier upon completing the mission.

Video Strategy

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC San Andreas Chapter 1 - Mission 601:58

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC San Andreas Chapter 1 - Mission 6

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