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Phone 15-Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 3, Mandarin Mayhem, given to the Protagonist by Uncle Fu. It begins immediately after completing Phone 15-Part 1.


Immediately after destroying the Sunview Bridge, the protagonist is told that rival mob boss Don Traegeri is in town and Uncle Fu wants him dead in order to settle an old score. They are told to go and meet Chow Yun Thin in east Excalibur. After meeting with Chow Yun Thin, the protagonist will have to take him to where Don Traegeri and his bodyguards, Timio and Collini, are located in north Excalibur and kill them. However only Traegeri needs to be killed in order to complete the mission.


The player is awarded 50,000 and a +1 score multiplier upon completing the mission.

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