Phonebox 10 Part 1 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 level 4, Dead Certainty, given to the Protagonist by the London Mob. It is available from the second phone (top right) in west Angel.


The mission begins with the protagonist being informed of an MP (Member of Parliament) associate of Archie Crisp who is having trouble with his creditors. In order to get back at them, first the protagonist is instructed to go and pick up a prostitute from west City; she will be waiting in a Royal Stretch. After collecting her, however, the protagonist will be told she is too attractive to waste on one of the MP's creditors, so they will have to take her to the garage in southeast Mile End. Once she is dropped off, the protagonist will be told of another, less attractive call girl, waiting to be picked up in another Royal Stretch in northeast Mile End. After picking up the "skanky tart", she will need to be taken to the garage in central Camden Town: one of the creditors is staying in a nearby hotel and the Mob will use the prostitute to blackmail him by taking pictures of them both and threaten to send them to his wife if he does not back off Archie's MP friend.

After dropping off the prostitute at the garage, the protagonist will be informed that one of the other creditors is in southeast Soho on his way to the nearest police station; they have 30 seconds to find and kill him. After killing him, the protagonist will be told that the third and final creditor will accept a percentage of what he is owed and that there is a briefcase of money in south City which needs collecting. It will need to be taken to the creditor, who is staying in a hotel in central Angel, to complete the mission.


The player is awarded 6,250 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

GTA London 1969 Mission 31 - Phone 2 in West Angel 1-005:08

GTA London 1969 Mission 31 - Phone 2 in West Angel 1-0